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Gene Allen Books
Gene and Bev Allen
P.O. Box 545 Helena MT 59624
406-443-6475 or 406-431-0722
Western Americana, Vintage Western Photography
Booth Number: 32

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The Collotypes of L A Huffman: Montana Frontier Photographer. Gene and Bev Allen. Helena, Montana / Gene and Bev Allen/ 2014. ISBN: 978-1-60639-072-6

L. A. Huffman arrived in Miles City, Montana Territory, in December 1879. Hostilities between early settlers and Native Americans were drawing to a close and reservation life was beginning. The demise of the last great buffalo herd was near, making way for large-scale cattle ranching. The railroad arrived and changed everything. Later, the arrival of farmers with their plows and fences would permanently alter the eastern Montana landscape. During all of this, Huffman was there, taking photos; and for the beginning, heyday, and end of the open-range cattle days, no one did it better. Today, Huffman's images provide a valuable glimpse into the past. Like many other early photographers, Huffman used photomechanical prints to supplement his darkroom production; his photomechanical prints are called collotypes. They are of high quality and easily mistaken for photo prints. Over the years, they have caused more confusion than any other aspect of Huffman's work. The goal of this book is to end the confusion! It tells how to identify a collotype print, when and where many of Huffman's collotypes were produced, and gives a detailed description of each individual collotype. The collotypes cover the full range of Huffman's work: buffalo and buffalo hunts, Native Americans, freight teams, sheep, cowboys, cattle roundups, and farming. The book has 168 pages and more than 140 illustrations, many in color, including at least one of each known collotype; most are accompanied by a description of the image in Huffman's own words. This book would be a welcome addition to the library of anyone interested in the Old West. New - Hardcover.

Genre: Western Americana, Photography

Price $50.00

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