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Taraba Illustration Art, LLC - Featured Items
Featured items that Taraba Illustration Art, LLC plans to bring to RMBPF 2015.
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Taraba Illustration Art, LLC
Fred Taraba
P.O. Box 1438 Casper WY 82602
307-333-2517 or 307-251-8345
Photography, Ephemera, Posters, Graphics
Booth Number: 75

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Photo of H. Leslie Parker. Photographer - Marceau. New York, 1917.  

Original signed of H. Leslie Parker... Who, one might ask, is H. Leslie Parker? Here's what's written in the back of this 8.5 x 11.5" (image area) photo... "Parker, a Canadian, came to Wyo with the aspestos development on Casper Mtn. The road up Casper Mtn. was called the Aspestos Rd. He married Dawn Flanery of Ky. He had the original locations on the Big Muddy Oil Field between Casper and Glenrock. Parkerton was named for him. Parker was responsible for building the Petr. Club in Denver. He died choking on a piece of meat at the Petr. Club in Denver. He died in about 1961." THAT's who H. Leslie Parker was.

Sheet is a bit unevenly trimmed, though not effecting image area. Signature fresh and even. A charming signed photo of a big noise in the oil business.

Genre: Photography Oil Signed

Price $150.00

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Various 1940s-1960s Half Sheet Movie Posters.

Batch of vintage half sheet movie posters... About 30 in all. Showing here three particularly desirable ones that will come to the show... "Boys Prison" originally released as "Johnny Holiday" and starring William Bendix. A great example of the 'kids in trouble subgenre. "Wings of Danger" starring Zachary Scott with Robert Beatty, Kay Kendall, Naomi Chance and Colin Tapley and "Stranger in Town" starring Alex Nichol with Anne Paige, Mary Laura Wood, Mona Washbourne and Charles Lloyd Pack. All from an East coast estate. NOTE: Price listed below is for "Boys Prison", "Wings of Danger" is $80 and "Stranger in Town" $100.
Most are in very very good condition, though they do vary somewhat.

Genre: Movie Film Poster

Price $125.00

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Pigskin Parade publicity photo.

A charming vintage large scale publicity photo for the film "Pigskin Parade"... How many of you remember that one? 17 x 21.75" image area. Fourteen beauties... How can you go wrong? That's rhetorical.
Small stain above goalpost to the right... dust specks from original negative. Slight overexposure at top. Sheet in very good condition with only minor handling wear.
Genre: Pin-Up Football Movie Cheesecake Photography

Price $200.00

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La Cigarette. [Rene Gruau]. Paris/ Edfitions du Desastre/ 1983

A truly great poster... based on the image of one of the masters of 20th century fashion/design. Gruau was as good, if not better at saying a lot with a minimal amount of lines that pretty much anyone else. "La Cigarette" is one of the touchstones of modern design... even putting aside the fact it wasn't all that long ago that smoking was considered a glamorous activity. 23.5 x 31.5".
Very small areas of creasing... upper right and lower right corners predominantly. NOT mounted. Ready to be framed and hung on YOUR wall. The price reflects the "issues" of condition... pristine this is a $450 poster.

Genre: Fashion Glamour Poster Cigarette
Price $275.00

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Various 1930s-1980s Master Detective and True Detective Magzines.

True Crime magazines... a variety of them... Great covers and startling content. Price listed below is really the highest price as they do vary. My booth will be a digger's/ browser's/ bargain hunter's dream!
All have been read, but are all complete... the typical handling wear... from smoke free homes and never exposed to moisture.
Genre: Crime Magazine

Price $40.00

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