Featured Item Submission Form (use once for each submission)

You may submit up to 5 items for your Featured Items page.
Items shown with an asterisk (*) are required.
Note: This form utilizes java-scripts. Your browser must support scripts and you must have scripts enabled in order to use this form.
After you enter all the information, click on 'Continue' - you will then have an opportunity to review your information. If you wish to correct any entry, click on 'Previous', at the bottom of the screen or use your browser 'back' function (i.e., back-space). Once all information is correct, click on 'Submit' at the bottom of the review screen.
If your submission is successful, you will be shown a 'success' message below. If you have additional items to submit, use the form link at the bottom of the screen or you may use your browsers 'back' function, to return to the form page.
If you leave one, or more, of the Required entry spaces blank, your item will not be accepted and you will receive an error screen stating what information was missing. If a particular piece of required information truly is not available, you may enter 'N/A' (Not Available) or 'Unknown', in that field.
Also, you must send at least one image (.jpg format*), and that image cannot be more than 4 Mega-bytes in size. If you do not send an image, or if the image is too large, your item will not be accepted.
*You may send images in other formats (.tif, .gif, .png, etc.) However, all images will be converted to .jpg format for use on the Featured Item pages. It is preferable that you send .jpg images.
Need some guidance on how to obtain good photos? See this tutorial which shows how to shoot good photos with a minimum of equipment and expense. Photo Tutorial
Notes regarding image size. Although we have increased the maximum image size from 2MB to 4MB, we suggest that you consider the RMBPF site visitor. Thumb-nail versions are created from your images - those thumb-nail versions are displayed on your Featured Item page. When a visitor clicks on the thumb-nail, your full-size image is downloaded to their computer. Please be aware that many site visitors still have limited band-width internet connections and that large image files can take quite a long time to download. You may wish to limit your image file size to 2MB or less. Don't go too far under the 2MB file-size, though, as fine detail will be lost to the visitor. If in doubt, send what you have - if we need something different, we'll let you know.
If your original images are too large, we recommend XnView for re-sizing images. XnView is available for systems running on Windows, OS X, and Linux.
It is much more efficient to create your Featured Item page, one time, with all your submissions. Thus, your FI page won't be created until you submit 5 items or you mark an item as being your final submission.
If you will be submitting items over several days, please mention that in the 'Message' box at the bottom of the form. We will wait until you have submitted 5 items or you have marked 'Last Item' with one of your submissions.
Note: Copy/Paste functions are supported within this form.
Remember, click the 'Continue' button to review your submission, then you must click on 'Submit' to actually send your item to us.  
Click this link to add more items ... you are entitled to a total of five items, with up to three photos of each.
The Featured Item submission form  
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